Making a will in the UAE: Safe transfer of assets to heirs

For several years now, individuals from various countries are investing in real estate and other assets in the UAE. Many of them, however, overlook an important aspect of property ownership — passing their savings to future generations.
If a property owner dies intestate, the transfer of assets will be decided by a UAE court under Sharia law.

Potential heirs will have to prove their right to the inheritance in court, and this is a complex and costly procedure. All documents required for court proceedings (documents for real estate and other assets and evidence of kinship with the testator) must be legalized outside the UAE. The next step is to go to a local court and engage a lawyer to assist with the estate’s distribution. This may take months, if not years, and such litigation entails significant financial outlays.
The UAE has special economic zone Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It is governed by special legislation based on British law and have it's own court. Wills made in this zone have effect not only in the zone, but throughout the UAE.
How to avoid problems in settling an estate in the UAE and reduce the time and costs involved

BaOne offers a comprehensive solution for making a will and transferring assets to heirs. Our experts offer consultations in a variety of areas as well as assisting with the drafting and registration of wills and the transfer of assets. Thanks to our 30 years of international experience and the professionalism of the BaOne team, clients can rely on the quality of our services and the legality of the estate transfer process.

Requirements of DIFC court

Wills of non-Muslims may be registered
Wills of Muslims may be registered
UAE resident visa required
UAE Pass (digital key of a UAE resident) required
Assets located in the UAE are covered
Assets located outside the UAE are covered
Two independent witnesses must be present when a will is certified
Guardians may be appointed
An executor may be appointed
Fees for BaOne’s services

Type of will

Full will
Covers all movable and immovable property and assets as well as the appointment of guardians for children.
Property will
May include up to 5 real estate properties (or shares in 5 properties) located in the UAE.
Business will
May include up to 5 separate blocks of shares in any company located in the UAE.
Financial will
May include up to 10 separate bank accounts or shares in 10 separate accounts registered in the name of the testator alone or jointly with someone else. The accounts must be in a bank or financial institution registered and doing business in the UAE.
Guardianship will
Provides solely for the appointment of guardians for children.

Why BaOne?

  • 1
    Safeguarding your legacy
    We ensure that the persons you designate will receive the appropriate shares of your estate, while minimizing the risks that cash or property will be misappropriated.
  • 2
    Time savings
    BaOne’s services in the UAE save you time involved in planning your estate, allowing you to concentrate on other important matters.
  • 3
    Simple and efficient process of making a will
    Our package of services allows you to do everything remotely, with minimal personal involvement. BaOne professionals will help you make a will and manage all formalities involved in registering documents in government information systems and legalizing your will.
  • 4
    Cost savings
    Litigation involves additional costs, including lawyers' fees and court fees. BaOne offers you substantial savings, while ensuring that your estate is settled expeditiously and without leaving any loose ends.
  • 5
    Client confidentiality is a priority for us. When you use the services of BaOne professionals in the UAE, you can be sure that an estate will be settled in the framework of a private agreement, without public legal proceedings.

Transfer assets to your heirs without involving them in complicated litigation

Services in making and legalizing a will in the UAE

Content and cost of making and legalizing various types of wills

Starting at AED 15,000
Starting at AED 8,000
Starting at AED 8,500
Starting at AED 7,000
Additional terms and conditions

  • Our fees do not include 5% VAT
  • Our fees do not include official DIFC court registration fees: from AED 5,000 (a will for personal assets) to AED 15,000 (a will for joint assets); court fees are paid independently by the client
  • Wills registered by a DIFC court are in English only
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